Website Security Clean, Protect, and Speed Up Your Website

Continuously scan every angle of your website to catch internal and external hacks. With custom alerting options, we are the first to know when there is a security incident, downtime, or changes to your WHOIS, SSL, and DNS records.

Instantly block hackers who try to abuse or take down your site. We use machine learning to improve our detection of evolving threats. You can also add your own custom whitelists and blacklists.

These features are included as standard in our Security & Protection website hosting package.

What do we do?


Continuous Monitoring
Incident Alerts
Remote Scanning
Server Side Scanner


Website Application Firewall (WAF)
Block Hackers
DDoS Mitigation
Virtual Patching and Hardening
Prevent Zero-Day Exploits


Complete Hack Cleanup
Fast Response Time
Blacklist Removal Requests
Full Cleanup Report

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